The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
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Policy Research and AdvocacySustainable solutions and the development of society require in depth and reliable researches. We strive to recommend the most appropriate policies that are well-researched with adequate data and facts. Research results are reviewed and discussed amongst our fellow members and stakeholders of all backgrounds. Our current research and advocacy focuses include poverty, social security, employment, housing and social development. Our Poverty and Social Security unit is a dedicated team working on poverty issues and the Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship was specially established to promote social enterprise.
Poverty and Social Security Social Development Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

Poverty and Social Security

This dedicated team identifies, conducts researches and draws overseas references to advocates for policy improvement on poverty, social security and employment issues. We raise awareness and comprehension via public education and engage different stakeholders to promote social participation and improvement of these issues.

Social Development

Our Social Development Index of Hong Kong is the only on-going social indicator system established in Hong Kong. Aiming to provide implications, recommendations and references to the government, as well as the general public, the Index provides data and trends on housing, education, family, sports, civil society, income and security issues. HKCSS is the powerhouse of social statistics of Hong Kong. We also conduct studies, analysis and researches on specific social issues and assess impacts of social programs on society.

Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

Social Enterprise Business Centre (SEBC) facilitates a variety of collaborative projects to promote partnership among business sector, professional groups and social enterprises. It supports over 400 social enterprises and their beneficiaries. We also operate Good Goods social enterprise concept shop under our public education campaign to champion responsible consumption and social innovation.
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