The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
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Data BankHKCSS is the powerhouse of social statistics of Hong Kong, providing recommendations and references to the government, as well as the general public. We compile data and trends, put together studies and reports, conduct policy analysis and researches on specific social issues and assess impacts of social services programs on our society. Our Social Development Index of Hong Kong is the only on-going social indicator system established in Hong Kong.
We regularly issue articles and comments that reflect our views on different social topics and invite key opinion leaders to join our discussions.

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Date: Title:
2018/12/01 共親職專訊2018 Family Service
2017/03/29 2017年第3期《講住》 — 香港社會房屋中介的雛型案例: 基督教關懷無家者協會 Housing
2017/03/24 2017 2nd issue《Housing Talk》— Belgium's Innovative Housing Measure: Social Rental Agency (Chin only) Housing
2017/03/10 2017年第1期《講住》 — 公屋以外的可能出路:過渡性房屋在香港建造型格貨櫃屋有什麼挑戰? Housing
2017/03/01 共親職專訊2017 Family Service
2016/03/30 2016年第3期《講住》—德國的私人出租房屋與租務管制簡介 Housing
2016/03/18 2016年第2期《講住》—荷蘭政府如何為社會房企提供發展土壤? Housing
2016/03/04 2016年第1期《講住》— 公屋以外的可能房屋出路:荷蘭社會房屋簡介 Housing
2014/08/15 香港基本生活需要研究報告 Poverty
2014/05/07 “Cross-border Families Forum” Issue 2 (Chinese version only) Family Service
2014/01/23 《講人》— 第四期 對少數族裔、新來港和殘疾人士而言,何謂「以人為本」的人口政策? Ethnic Minorities
2014/01/21 《講人》— 第三期 從長者角度出發,何謂以人為本的人口政策? Elderly Service
2014/01/19 《講人》— 第二期 「對青年而言,何謂以人為本的人口政策?」 Youth Service
2014/01/17 《講人》— 第一期 怎樣的人口政策才是「以人為本」? Family Service
2013/12/13 “Cross-border Families Forum” Issue 1 (Chinese version only) Family Service
2013/10/08 《講住》– 第五期「探討香港建屋機構的角色」(Chinese Only) Housing
2013/10/03 《講住》– 第四期「如何充分和合理運用公共租住房屋資源?」(Chinese Only) Housing
2013/09/25 《講住》– 第三期「宜室宜居有辦法?」(Chinese Only) Housing
2013/09/19 《講住》– 第二期「社會上特定群組住屋需要」(Chinese Only) Housing
2013/09/17 《講住》– 第一期 「香港要多少住房才足夠?」(Chinese Only) Housing
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