The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
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Agency Heads Meeting and Members' Concern 

By collaborating with our members, HKCSS addresses common concern issues. They include the following:

  1. Agency Heads Meeting
  2. Lump Sum Grant Subvention System, its sustainability and the impact of the newly proposed "Best Practice Manual" (Chinese only)
  3. Improvement to Lotteries Fund application and approval procedures (Chinese only)
  4. The sustainability of non-SWD subvneted NGOs (Chinese only) and SWD (Information of Non-subvented NGOs)
  5. Membership Participation Study 2014(Chinese only)
  6. Suggested Measures for NGOs – Banking Services (Chinese only)
  7. NGOs’ concerns on the operation of Flag Day (Chinese only)
  8. The legal framework of new Companies Ordinance and the implication to NGO(Chinese only)
  9. Membership Feedback Survey 2014 (Chinese only) Appendix 1 / Appendix 2 / Appendix 3 / Appendix 4