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參與公職 (2017-18) 

Public Services (2017-18)


HKCSS represents the sector in 103 committees of the government, public institutions and international organizations


社會政策Social Policy

扶貧委員會Commission on Poverty

  • 特別需要社群專責小組Special Needs Group Task Force
  • 關愛基金專責小組Community Care Fund Task Force
  • 社會創新及創業發展基金專責小組Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund Task Force
  • 青年教育、就業和培訓專責小組Youth Education, Employment and Training Task Force


社會福利服務Social Welfare Service

勞工及福利局Labour & Welfare Bureau

  • 社會福利諮詢委員會Social Welfare Advisory Committee
  • 安老事務委員會Elderly Commission
  • 康復諮詢委員會Rehabilitation Advisory Committee
    • 康復服務公眾教育小組委員會Sub-committee on Public Education on Rehabilitation
    • 推廣手語工作小組Working Group on Promoting Sign Language
    • 就業小組委員會Sub-committee on Employment
    • 智障人士老齡化工作小組Sub-committee on ageing of persons with intellectual disabilities
    • 無障礙小組Sub-committee on Access
  • 康復服務中央檔案室諮詢委員會Central Registry for Rehabilitation Advisory Committee

社會福利署Social Welfare Department

  • 整筆撥款督導委員會Lump Sum Grant Steering Committee
  • 優化整筆撥款津助制度檢討專責小組Task Force for Review on Enhancement of Lump Sum Grant Subvention System
  • 《最佳執行指引》執行細節工作小組Working Group on Implementation Details of Best Practice Manual
  • 社會工作人力需求聯合委員會Joint Committee on Social Work Manpower Requirements
  • 社會工作訓練及人力策劃諮詢委員會Advisory Committee on Social Work Training and Manpower Planning
  • 長期護理研究計劃督導委員會Long Term Care Study Project Steering Committee
  • 虐老問題工作小組Working Group of Elderly Abuse
  • 防止虐待兒童委員會Committee on Child Abuse
  • 處理懷疑虐兒個案多專業會議檢討工作小組Task Group on Multi-disciplinary Case Conference Reviews
  • 寄養服務工作小組Foster Care Service Operations Group
  • 兒童院護服務發展委員會Residential Child Care Services Development Committee
  • 邊緣青少年服務委員會Committee on Services for Youth at Risk
  • 處理房屋援助個案事宜聯絡小組Liaison Group on Issues relating to Housing Assistance Cases
  • 綜合家庭服務中心委員會Committee on Integrated Family Service Centres
  • 關注暴力工作小組Working Group on Combating Violence
  • 「共創成長路– 賽馬會社區青少年培育計劃」諮詢委員會Advisory Committee on P.A.T.H.S. to Adulthood: A Jockey Club Youth Enhancement

保安局Security Bureau

  • 禁毒常務委員會Action Committee Against Narcotics
    • 戒毒治療及康復小組委員會Sub-committee on Treatment and Rehabilitation
  • 青少年罪犯問題常務委員會Standing Committee on Young Offenders of Fright Crime Committee
  • 毒品問題聯絡委員會Drug Liaison Committee

運輸署Transport Department

  • 道路使用者守則工作小組Road Users' Code Working Group


民政Home Affairs

民政事務局Home Affairs Bureau

  • 非政府機構社區發展論壇NGO Forum on Community Development
  • 新來港定居人士服務政策督導委員會Steering Committee on New Arrivals
  • 戴麟趾爵士康樂基金委員會Sir David Trench Fund for Recreation

政制及內地事務局Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau

  • 少數族裔人士論壇Ethnic Minorities Forum

香港警務處HK Police Force

  • 耆樂警訊中央諮詢委員會Senior Police Call Central Advisory Board

中西區區議會Central and Western District Council

  • 青年活動委員會Youth Programme Committee

深水埗區議會Sham Shui Po District Council

  • 關注貧窮問題及少數族裔工作小組Working Group on Poverty Problems and Ethnic Minorities 

地政及房屋Lands & Housing

發展局Development Bureau

  • 土地及建設諮詢委員會Land and Development Advisory Committee

運輸及房屋局Transport and Housing Bureau

  • 青年聚焦小組Youth Focus Group
  • 上訴委員會(房屋) Appeal Panel (Housing)

香港房屋委員會Hong Kong Housing Authority

  • 建築小組委員會Building Committee
  • 資助房屋小組委員會Subsidized Housing Committee

巿區重建局 Urban Renewal Authority

  • 土地、安置及補償委員會Land, Rehousing and Compensation Committee
  • 發展項目反對意見評議委員會Development Project Objection Consideration Committee
  • 覆核委員會URA Review Committee


教育及培訓Education & Training

教育局Education Bureau

  • 主流學校推行融合教育工作小組Task Group on Integrated Education in Mainstream Schools
  • 校本課後學習及支援計劃審批委員會The School-based After-School Learning and Support Programmes Vetting Committee
  • 特殊學校教育工作小組Special School Working Group
  • 資歷架構安老服務業行業培訓諮詢委員會Elderly Care Service Industry Training Advisory Committee Qualifications Framework

勞工及福利局Labour & Welfare Bureau

  • 安老照顧業技能提升計劃Elderly Care Skills Upgrading Scheme

僱員再培訓局Employees Retraining Board

  • 健康護理業行業諮詢網絡Health Care Industry Consultative Network
  • 殘疾及工傷康復人士培訓聚焦小組 Focus Group on Training for Persons with Disabilities and Persons Recovered from Work Injuries

職業訓練局Vocational Training Council

  • 兒童及安老照顧業訓練工作小組Working Group on Child and Elderly Care Industrial Training
  • 會計業訓練委員會Accountancy Training Board

職業安全健康局Occupational Safety & Health Council

  • 殘疾人士職業訓練委員會Committee on Vocational Training for People with Disabilities

香港中文大學 The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • 香港社會企業挑戰賽督導委員會 Steering Committee of Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge
  • 社會創新研究中心Centre for Social Innovation Studies

香港理工大學The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

  • 康復治療科學系諮詢委員會Advisory committee on Rehabilitation Sciences

香港公關大學 The Open University of Hong Kong

  • 幼兒教育學術顧問小組 Advisory Peer Group (Early Childhood Education)
  • 許賢發社會工作信託基金Y.F. Hui Social Work Trust Fund

香港浸會大學 The Hong Kong Baptist university

  • 社會科學研究中心諮詢小組Advisory Group of Centre for the Advancement of Social Sciences Research

香港城市大學 The City University of Hong Kong

  • 畢業生就業諮詢委員會Advisory Committee for Graduate Employment


醫療衞生Medical and Health

食物及衞生局Food & Health Bureau

  • 基層醫療健康發展督導委員會Steering Committee on Primary Healthcare Development
  • 精神健康諮詢委員會Advisory Committee on Mental Health
  • 醫護人力規劃和專業發展策略檢討督導委員會Steering Committee on Strategic Review on Healthcare Manpower Planning & Professional Development
  • 器官捐贈推廣委員會Committee on Promotion of Organ Donation

衞生署Department of Health

  • 人體器官移植委員會Human Organ Transplant Board

醫院管理局 Hospital Authority

  • 九龍西聯網研究倫理委員會Research Ethics Committee, Kowloon West Cluster

香港愛滋病顧問局Hong Kong Advisory Council on AIDS


環保Environmental Protection

環境及自然保育基金Environment and Conservation Fund

  • 節能項目審批小組Energy Conservation Projects Vetting Sub-committee

環境運動委員會Environmental Campaign Committee

  • 環保教育和社區參與項目審批小組EE & CA Projects Vetting Sub-committee


法定機構及公民社會Statutory Bodies & Civil Society

香港公益金The Community Chest of Hong Kong

  • 入會、預算及分配委員會 Admissions, Budgets & Allocations Committees
  • 小組分配委員會 Allocations Subcommittee

社會工作者註冊局Social Workers Registration Board

  • 資格評核及註冊委員會Committee on Qualification Assessment and Registration

香港司法機構Hong Kong Judiciary

  • 淫褻物品審裁處The Obscene Articles Tribunal
  • 大律師紀律審裁團 Barristers Disciplinary Tribunal Panel

香港傷殘青年協會Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth

  • 諮詢委員會 Advisory Committee

香港展能藝術會 Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong

  • 執行委員會 Executive Committee

香港老年學會Hong Kong Association of Gerontology

  • 安老院舍評審計劃諮詢委員會Accreditation Body Advisory Committee

香港社會工作人員協會Hong Kong Social Workers Association

  • 專業發展委員會 Professional Development Committee
  • 福利事件關注委員會Current Welfare Issues Committee
  • 香港社會工作人員協會基金Hong Kong Social Workers Association Foundation

香港公教婚姻輔導會The HK Catholic Marriage Advisory Council

  • 婚姻調解服務小組委員會Marriage Mediation Counselling Service Sub-Committee

香港紅十字會Hong Kong Red Cross

  • 服務發展基金評審顧問小組Service Development Fund Advisory Panel

香港基督教循道衛理聯合教會 The Methodist Centre, Hong Kong

  • 董事局 board of Directors

香港董事學會The Hong Kong Institute of Directors

  • 傑出董事奬評審小組Panel of Judges of Directors of the Years Awards

香港社會效益分析師學會Hong Kong Institute of Social Impact Analyst

  • 董事會Board of Directors

香港鐵路有限公司MTR Corporation Limited

  • 聯絡會議liaison meeting

消費者委員會Consumer Council

香港教育城有限公司Hong Kong Education City Ltd

規管強制性公積金中介人程序覆檢委員會 Process Review Panel in Relation to the Regulation of Mandatory Provident Fund Intermediaries

社企民間高峰會Social Enterprise Summit

全港關注劏房平台Platform of Concerning Subdivided Flats and Issues in Hong Kong


社會創新Social Innovation

民政事務局Home Affairs Bureau

  • 社會企業諮詢委員會Social Enterprise Advisory Committee


傳媒及廣播Mass Media & Broadcasting

電影、報刊及物品管理辦事處Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration

  • 《淫褻及不雅物品管制條例》相關宣傳及公眾教育活動資助計劃評審委員會Control of obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance (COIAO) Subsidising Scheme Vetting Committee

香港天主教傳播事務委員會及執行委員會聯席會議 The Hong Kong Catholic Board of Communication and Executive Board of Communications Joint Meeting


國際組織International Organizations

國際社會福利協會International Council on Social Welfare